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Andrew’s Trip to Manly

Andrew loves to travel, exploring new places and trying new experiences.

One weekend, we surprised him with a ferry trip to Manly Beach. When he heard about the trip, he was very excited and immediately went to his room to pack his things. He even brought his favourite sunglasses for this special day.

During the ferry ride, he got to see different landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The weather was really nice that day, so he decided to eat his lunch by the beach. Afterwards, he enjoyed a small mango gelato on his way back to Manly Wharf.

On the way home, he began expressing how much he wanted to go back to Manly Beach and ride a ferry again. We’re very happy that Andrew had a good time during this trip. We’re looking forward to more sunny travels with him in the future.