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Ricky Goes to Central Gardens Natural Reserve

Studies have shown that interacting with animals makes us feel happy, reduces anxiety and promotes bonding. It’s no wonder why visiting the zoo is always a delightful experience for our participants, especially Ricky.

On the 11th of February, Ricky went to Central Gardens Nature Reserve in Merrylands. He had fun strolling around the picnic facilities and got to see various animals in the native animal exhibits. He was very happy to interact with wallabies, kookaburras, swans and koalas. A friendly emu even enthusiastically greeted him by the fence of its enclosure!

To conclude this special day, Ricky munched on some pulled chicken and pasta salad for lunch prepared by our staff. Before heading back to Sunnyhaven, we took another walk in the park to see the man-made waterfalls and took some lovely photos to help him remember this day.