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Stephanie’s 40th Birthday

Birthdays only happen once a year. This is why at Sunnyhaven, we make sure that our participants always get to celebrate their special day. It is a great opportunity for them to bond with their friends and loved ones, and it’s also our way of showing how we appreciate them.

Our lovely participant, Stephanie, celebrated her 40th birthday on the 4th of February. To make her day extra special, we decided to bring her and the other participants for a delightful lunch at her favourite restaurant. She was really excited so she woke up early and prepared her new dress for the occasion. 

Stephanie got her favourite seafood meal and enjoyed the black forest cake we ordered for her. They also played games, shared fun stories, and took pictures that will serve as memorabilia of that beautiful day. 

To Stephanie, your Sunnyhaven family again wishes you a happy birthday. We wish you good health and happiness always!