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Princes St Crew at the Symbio Wildlife Park

The residents of Princes St have enjoyed many outings in the past. The Sunnyhaven team always makes sure that they get to go to the beach, explore museums and visit other places during the weekends. 

But when the pandemic started, they didn’t get to travel a lot. That’s why when the COVID restrictions were lifted, we grabbed the opportunity to arrange a day out for our lovely participants. 

One weekend, the Princes St crew went to Symbio Wildlife Park. They enjoyed the wonderful company of animals like deers, kangaroos, reptiles and many more. They also learned how to take care of these animals and why it’s essential to conserve the environment as it significantly impacts their lives.

Before heading back to the Sunnyhaven headquarters, the participants also bought souvenirs that will serve as memorabilia of their amazing experience. It’s truly a wonderful day full of fun and learning!