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Valentine’s Day Celebration at the Museum of Fire

We love celebrating special occasions here at Sunnyhaven. Whether it’s our participant’s birthday or a holiday, we make sure to prepare fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

To celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day differently, we decided to bring the whole Princes St crew to the Museum of Fire. This museum houses over 80 moveable objects reflecting the changes in technology over the years. It has an extensive range of educational programs, heritage tours, activities and a tour detailing the history of Fire and Rescue in New South Wales.

The participants learned a lot about fire safety and firefighting through the museum’s fun and interactive activities. They also got the chance to see the different fire brigades and fire equipment.

Spending time at a museum is a favourite activity amongst our participants. Aside from learning about culture and heritage, it also exposes them to new ideas and concepts that stimulate their curiosity and creativity. For us, museums are a lot more than collections of artifacts and artwork; it’s a place where our participants get to interact with other people and become an active part of the community.