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La Perouse Tour

On the 14th of February, our Tavistock participants – Victor and William – went out and spent Valentine’s Day in La Perouse. The weather was lovely, so they went for a walk and enjoyed the view of the famous Bare Island.

The two were very happy and grateful that they got the chance to go outdoors again. Hearing their laughter mixed with the birds chirping was definitely a pleasant sound to hear.

Our staff also packed some snacks and refreshments that they delightfully munched on during the trip. They shared some sandwiches, cookies and fruit juice while enjoying the breathtaking view. Before we headed back to Sunnyhaven, we took a few photos of them, a lovely memento to remember that beautiful day

Here at Sunnyhaven, we believe that outdoor activities play an important role in the well-being of our participants. Going outdoors allows us to enjoy nature and breathe in some fresh air. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle and gives them a sense of belonging.