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Andrew Smith Goes to Ramsgate Beach

Spending time by the sea is an experience our participants greatly enjoy. We can all agree that getting close to the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s a great place where we can relax and hang out with friends. That’s why there’s no doubt that our participants love it whenever we take them on a trip to the seaside.

One weekend, a member of the Sunnyhaven staff took Andrew Smith to Ramsgate Beach for a morning walk where he enjoyed a quiet and beautiful morning breeze. He also went to Stanwell Park, where he got to enjoy the breathtaking view.

Making our participants happy is our top priority. Although we always organise group activities, we also make sure to spend time with them individually. It’s our way of getting to know them better, focus on their interests, and find new things they want to learn or improve on.