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James and Niki’s Day Out

Going out to explore different places is one of James and Niki’s favourite activities. That’s why on the 20th of February, the Sunnyhaven staff surprised the two by taking them on a road trip out to Casula Parklands.

We strolled around the area and enjoyed walking down the pathway overlooking the beautiful Georges River. Afterwards, we munched on some snacks and visited the Casula Powerhouse Museum. It is a well-known art centre and like many other museums, it gives everyone access to the arts that have the power to reflect and shape our society.

We toured them around a number of galleries where they enjoyed appreciating various paintings and other collections on display. James and Niki even told us some of their favourite artworks from the exhibit and how it inspires them to create their own masterpiece.

At Sunnyhaven, we always organise activities that bring joy to our participants and at the same time, allows them to learn and stimulate their creativity. We’re looking forward to creating more sunny activities to help our participants explore their passions and interests.