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Jenny & Greg’s Birthday


There aren’t many songs that are sung louder and more joyful than our birthday songs, and the recent joint birthday party for Jenny and Greg was no different. All participants from different houses sang loudly and proudly, bringing out the loveliest smiles from Jenny and Greg’s faces.

The birthday celebration was filled with colourful decorations, gifts and of course, good food. Our awesome staff prepared the celebrants’ favourite food like burgers, pasta, honey joys and pizza. It was a good thing Santosh and Lisa got enough food for the crowd! The party would not have been a success without the help of Srishti and Shankar too, who took all the photos and served food.

Aside from celebrating the lives of our participants, birthday celebrations are also one way to unite the whole Sunnyhaven community. The spirit of unity really binds us together and makes us proud to be one big family.