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Fun time at Madame Tussauds

Our participants always love watching movies and listening to music. During the weekends, they spend their free time watching superhero films or watching music videos of their favourite artists. 

That’s why one weekend, we decided to bring them to the Madame Tussauds museum in Sydney. They were thrilled when we told them that they would meet their favourite artists’ wax figures. They woke up really early to prepare for the special day. 

When we arrived at the museum, they immediately went to the area where they saw superheroes like Spiderman, Aquaman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. Aside from seeing celebrities’ wax figures, they also learned about the history and lives of the Aussies that shaped our country.

They truly enjoyed each section of the museum. Before heading back to the Sunnyhaven headquarters, we ate our lunch at the harbour and took more photos that will help them reminisce about that wonderful day.