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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays only come once a year, and here at Sunnyhaven, we always make it a point to celebrate our participants’ birthdays.

On the 8th of March, Tavistock participants celebrated their housemate Victor’s birthday with a caramel cake. He was very excited as it’s one of his favourite flavours.

Nikki, on the other hand, spent his special day with his family and friends on the 13th of March. They munched on a delicious meal and ended the day by taking some photos that will serve as memorabilia of this wonderful day.

Our lovely participant, Rhonda Frost also enjoyed her birthday on the 18th of March with some of her friends from Day Program. They enjoyed a barbeque party organised by the staff, followed by a chocolate cake.

To Victor, Nikki and Rhonda, your Sunnyhaven family wishes you the happiest of birthdays, and we wish you love, good health and happiness always!