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Leonardo’s Day Out

Leonardo is one of our participants who loves exploring new places. He likes to go to the mall, visit the museum and spend weekends at the beach. This is why during our one on one session on the 5th of March, we took him for a day out to Balmain. 

He woke up really early and wore his favourite shirt that day. When we arrived, we asked him where he wanted to go. He said he would like to do his walking exercise first, so we went to Gladstone Park. We strolled around the area and checked out the garden nearby. Leonardo also chatted with other park visitors and met some new friends. 

Before heading back home, we stopped by Darling St to find a place to eat. And after checking a few cafes, he chose the one he liked the most and ordered his favourite Hawaiian pizza and orange soda. We’re very happy that Leonardo enjoyed this day out and we can’t wait to it again soon.