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Paul and Victor’s Outing

Going on a road trip is a great opportunity to discover new places and appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings. It also allows us to relax, experience something new and create beautiful memories. 

One weekend, we took Paul and Victor for a road trip out to Tavistock where they did their morning exercises. They enjoyed walking down the pathway while checking out the breathtaking view. Paul was happily chatting with a couple of other families in the park, while Victor was enjoying walking around sporting his new sunglasses.

Afterwards, we went to the nearest cafe for our afternoon snack. They both loved the milkshakes and chicken sandwiches they ordered. Paul even ordered another one to bring back to the Sunnyhaven headquarters for his dinner. 

Exploring the outdoors was indeed a fun and relaxing way to spend the weekend. We’re glad that Paul and Victor enjoyed their mini trip and we’re looking forward to doing this again soon.