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Day Trip to Coogee Beach

James and Nicky from the Terry St Accommodation love going to the beach. Every time we ask them where they want to spend their weekend, they always choose the beach.

On the 6th of March, we decided to bring them to Coogee Beach. We strolled along the shore, relishing the breathtaking view. They even took some pretty leaves and rocks from the seaside so they would have memorabilia to bring home with them.

After walking for a little while, we went to Coogee Bay Road to get their favourite dessert – ice cream! James got a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich while Nicky ordered a strawberry cheesecake sundae.

Before heading back to Sunnyhaven, we stopped by the Rockdale Plaza to buy some markers, coloured paper, paint and other art materials that they would be using for their arts and crafts time.