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Baking Day at CAS

At Sunnyhaven, we always encourage our participants to express their creativity through different activities. One of the more popular favourites among these activities is baking.

On the 24th of November, we gathered some of our participants for a fun baking session. Before commencing the activity, we gave them a list of recipes that we can all bake and let them choose the recipe for the day. After a thorough discussion, they all decided to bake some yummy cupcakes.

The participants were excited and enthusiastic while preparing all the ingredients for their sweet treats. They carefully listened to our instructions and accurately followed the step-by-step procedure. We also shared with them some safety tips when cooking. For instance, we taught them how to use knives properly and to always use oven mitts when putting or getting food from the oven.

All of them also showed their creative side in decorating the cupcakes. They played with different frostings and toppings, and put their own twist to their edible masterpieces. Afterwards, we prepared some refreshments to pair with the delicious treats they proudly made.

What a fun and memorable afternoon! We can’t wait to do more baking sessions with our participants next year.