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Sunnyhaven Participants’ 2021 Achievements

2021 has been an excellent year for everyone here at Sunnyhaven. We organised a lot of activities, events and outings that helped our participants relax, enhance their skills and ultimately improve the quality of their lives.

As the year comes to an end, we want to share with you some notable achievements of our day program participants.

Richard Makin
Richard has become the captain of our day program. Richard is outgoing, cheerful and a great conversationalist. He’s very friendly and always there to support his friends and loved ones. His most significant achievement this year is leading various activities with his graceful and inspirational speeches. Whenever there’s an event or activity, he always prepares ahead of time and ensures that everyone will have a good time. Thank you for all your efforts, Richard!

Victor Azzopardi
Victor is such a warm welcoming soul. This year he improved his ability to express himself and is now more comfortable talking to other people. He loves going on a day out, singing karaoke, playing pool, swimming and baking. Throughout the many changes he has faced this year, we’re very proud of what he has become. Thank you, Victor, for always bringing smiles to our faces. We can’t wait to create more unforgettable memories with you.

Pauline Petrovski
Our ever jolly participant, Pauline, truly loves our day program. When you see her, you will be greeted with a big smile on her face. Pauline’s most remarkable achievement this year is singing Proud Mary during one of our day program activities. She has come out of her shell during music therapy and dances along during our music concert on Wednesdays. Pauline has learnt how to adjust to new environments and has been a pleasure to take on outings this year.

Chrystalla Antoniou
Lala has improved so much this year. Aside from being a ball of sunshine as she always is, she has become more outgoing and confident. She now prefers to go out and socialise with the other participants and staff rather than stay inside. Lala has been to the markets, cinemas, museums, ferry rides, just to name a few. She’s so full of life and cares about the people around her. We all need someone like Lala in our lives! Keep bringing your joy to the day program, Lala.

Sharon Allen
This year has been a big year for Sharon. She had some medical issues in the past and we are pleased to see her back in her jolly self again. She has a fantastic sense of humour and her musical knowledge is very impressive. Just mention a song title and we’re sure she can sing it from start to finish. This year, Sharon’s biggest milestone is overcoming her depression and showing more care for herself and others while at the day program. We’re also happy to see that she’s actively participating in our activities. Well done, Sharon!

Teresa Godsell
Teresa is an organised person who always starts her day by examining our planned activities for the week. She is truly a unique and quirky individual who always speaks her mind. She has a positive outlook on life and encourages everyone around her to always look at the bright side. You’re truly an inspiration to us, Teresa. We can’t wait to see what you will achieve next year.

Diane Jabour
The biggest moment for Diane this 2021 is being the head chef of the day program’s weekly BBQ. Not only does Diane cook but she also entertains us with her dancing while holding the tongs. We haven’t had one burnt sausage to date! She has grown so much socially this year and is always happy to help those participants who need cheering up with a comforting voice and a cuddle. Congratulations on an excellent year, Diane!

Rosanna Stendardo
2021 has been a year of self-development for Rosie. She acquired a lot of new skills but most importantly, she learned how to express herself and socialise with the other participants. Rosie has developed her self confidence and lifts every room she enters with her smile and bubbly enthusiasm. We are so happy to have you at our day program, Rosie. We’re so proud of you.