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Gardening Time at Sunnyhaven

Gardening is a great way to cultivate a meaningful and fun learning experience. This is the main reason why we started doing gardening activities here at Sunnyhaven. We want to help our participants relax, unwind and increase their environmental awareness.

One weekend, we invited Nathan, Ben, Jessica, Genevieve, Juan and Angela to the garden centre to plant some beautiful flowers. They were all excited and immediately chose what plants they would like to see in our new pots.

They all grabbed their gardening tools like gloves, rake and watering cans, and started planting. It was their first time so we taught them how to plant properly and the things they need to do to keep the flowers healthy. We also showed them some photos of what the flowers will look like after a couple of months.

It was really great to see the participants showing great interest in gardening. Seeing them having fun and learning new things makes our hearts happy.