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Our 2021 Halloween Celebration

Halloween parties are well-loved by our participants here at Sunnyhaven. This is why we always make sure they get to celebrate this special occasion with their friends and the whole Sunnyhaven family.

For this year’s celebration, our participants came in prepared with their spooky Halloween costumes. Some of them dressed up as scary characters from famous horror films, while others got creative by wearing colourful accessories.

We started the event by playing games and doing some art activities. Our staff taught them how to make their own Halloween decorations such as bats, spiders and witches. They’re all proud of their artworks! Some of them even took home the finished products so they could show them to their loved ones.

Afterwards, we had our festive luncheon consisting of a BBQ, sandwiches, refreshments and of course, some sweet treats!

We’re so glad all of them enjoyed the simple celebration we prepared. Thanks to everyone who participated! See you at Halloween next year!