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Greg’s 1:1 Activities

November is a productive month here at Sunnyhaven. Aside from Halloween festivities, we also arranged enjoyable and relaxing 1 on 1 activities for some of our participants.

Friday day out

On the 12th of November, we accompanied Greg to the gym for his physiotherapy exercise session. When we arrived at the gym, he immediately did some stretching he learned from his previous session. His trainer, Chris, was thrilled and proud that Greg is really eager to improve his physical strength. 

After his exercise, we decided to go to Zone Bowling in Southgate to relax and play tenpin bowling. He was really happy as he got the highest score.

A day at the museum

The next day, we invited Greg for a weekend day out at the Casula Powerhouse. As we’ve expected, he was very pleased when we took him to the museum. 

We toured him around a number of galleries where he enjoyed appreciating various paintings, sculptures, photographs and other artworks made by local and international artists. He even shared with us some of his favourites artworks.

After strolling around, we went to the nearby cafe to eat our lunch. Greg ordered his favourite food: chocolate chip muffin and cappuccino! 

These past few days have been very productive. Seeing Greg happy is always a delight for us and we’re looking forward to doing more simple yet fun 1 on 1 activities with Greg soon!