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Helen’s Birthday Blast

It’s another happy day here at Sunnyhaven as we celebrate our lovely participant’s birthday.

Helen always brings joy to the Sunnyhaven headquarters. This is why we decided to give her a special birthday treat. Last weekend, we invited her close friends and family members for a simple party to commemorate her special day.

We started the celebration by bringing her favourite birthday cake and with everyone singing Happy Birthday. Then we all shared a delicious lunch which included Helen’s favourite dishes such as chips, burger and some pasta.

After eating, we spent the rest of the day playing some games, sharing stories and of course, taking pictures! Look at Helen sporting her new party dress and shoes in the photo below. This day was definitely filled with so much love and joy.

Again, happy birthday Helen! Your Sunnyhaven family wishes you all the best in life. We’re looking forward to celebrating more milestones with you.