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Halloween at Sylvania

Our participants love celebrating holidays. One of their most favourite occasions is Halloween. That’s why here at Sunnyhaven, we always make sure we get to celebrate this special event every year.

For our Halloween 2021 celebration, we decided to make it simple. We didn’t wear any costumes. Instead, we focused on decorating our headquarters and preparing games and activities.

A few days before the party, our staff bought a lot of colourful and spooky ornaments we could use to decorate. Of course this occasion is never complete without the iconic face of a Jack-o’-lantern. But since we want to make things simpler this year, we used mandarin oranges instead of pumpkins. We brought out some pens and asked our participants to design their own oranges. This allowed them to bring out their creativity and sunny side. Plus, these mandarin Jack-o’-lanterns also make a healthy addition to our Halloween treats table.

We started the party by playing some games like musical chairs, scavenger hunt, and many more. After the activities, our participants enjoyed delicious snacks prepared by our team.

We’re so glad all of them enjoyed the simple celebration we prepared. Thanks to everyone who participated! We’re looking forward to organising more simple yet enjoyable parties like this again soon!