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Greg’s First Physio Session

At Sunnyhaven, we make sure that our participants are happy and healthy. We always organise group and individual wellbeing activities that promote optimal mental and physical health. 

Just last week, we accompanied Greg to his first-ever physiotherapy exercise session with his personal trainer, Chris. He was very excited and eager to learn different types of exercise that would help him improve his posture and overall physical strength. We’ve proud and happy to see that he was able to complete each task even though it was his first session. 

Afterwards, we brought Greg to the Penshurst Barbershop for a simple makeover as a reward for a job well done. He was delighted as he was really looking forward to having his hair done. 

Before heading back to the Sunnyhaven headquarters, we had lunch at the nearby cafe. He ordered some cheese and risotto roll, cappuccino and a slice of cake for dessert.