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Weekend Day Out

Much like our other participants, Andrew and Greg both love the outdoors. Whenever we plan our activities for the weekend, they always suggest going to the park or the seaside.

Since the pandemic started, we didn’t get to go out, explore new places and dine out. This is why the two were very thrilled when they heard that the lockdown restrictions were starting to ease.

So just the other day, we surprised them with an exciting day out. After their physio session in the morning, the Sunnyhaven staff decided to bring Andrew and Greg to the nearby park. They walked around and enjoyed the fresh breeze and the calming scenery.

Afterwards, we visited a new restaurant in the area. They hadn’t tried eating here, so the boys were very excited. They ordered their favourite fish and chips and some refreshments.

And because the weather was great during that day, we thought of bringing our food back to the park to have a small picnic. Unfortunately the park was already packed. So we just decided to go back to Sunnyhaven headquarters and enjoy our lunch at the comfort of our own backyard.

We’re so happy to see our participants enjoying the simple activities we prepared for them. Seeing them smile and laugh while walking around the park is always a delight. We’re looking forward to organising more simple yet enjoyable day outs like this again soon!