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Greg’s Trip to the National Museum

Greg has been very busy and productive last November. He went to his regular physiotherapy sessions, attended several Halloween parties and enjoyed a day out at the bowling alley.

To end this month on a high note, we took Greg on another trip to the Australian Museum on the 29th of November.

The Australian Museum is the first museum in the country and has over 21 million scientific specimens and cultural objects in its collections. Greg was amazed by the animal specimens and fossils displayed in the galleries upon entering the museum.

He was curious about the different mammals, spiders, fishes and insects displayed all over the area. When asked about his favourite part of the museum, he immediately answered, “The dinosaurs!” He was surprised to see various life-sized models of dinosaur skeletons, crocodiles and lizards.

Greg really enjoyed his trip to the museum so we made sure that we had a lot of photos that will remind him of this special day. He also plans on printing these images to create a framed collage that he can display in his room and give to his parents.