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Judith Howes and Helen Robson enjoyed a picnic lunch at Audley last weekend. They went for boat rides and had a great feast by the river. The feast that was prepared for them consisted of pastries, cheeses, tea, and coffee. They enjoyed the food immensely and both Judith and Helen mentioned to the staff that they wished to have more. Once the food was finished, one of the caretakers took out a packet of chocolate chip cookies as a surprise treat, which both ladies took a great shine to. They munched on the cookies and amusingly, the crumbs were eaten up by the birds nearby, tickling them delightfully.

The caretakers observed as the two ladies tossed breadcrumbs and even more cookie crumbs in the direction of the twittering birds. The sounds that emanated from the birds was something unlike any other – a sweet, lilting melody that both Judith and Helen smiled fondly at. A small robin flew really close to both the ladies and a particularly brave kookaburra flew right up to Judith’s palm, picking up a few breadcrumbs before flying away to enjoy its meal on a nearby tree.

As for the boat rides, they both took turns enjoying a scenic cruise around the Sutherland Shire, which Audley is a part of. They both pointed out the wildlife and Helen, in particular, took a shine to the aquatic birds. She knew many of the birds’ names and pointed each one out, much to everyone’s delight. When it was Judith’s turn to ride, she was very eager as she strapped on a life jacket and clambered into the boat. Her boat ride was pretty uneventful but she enjoyed the stunning view nonetheless.

Judith and Helen also had a blast playing on the inflatable slides, which were inflated especially for their visit. The slides were at least half a storey tall and the ladies took turns going up and down the slides. Nearby, a family with two children approached Sunnyhaven staff and asked if they could use the slides as well. Both ladies were absolutely delighted to have two young playmates. The kids raced the ladies around the slides as well as up and over them. They went for many rounds on the slides before breaking for tea.

Tea consisted of some butter cookies and tea. Again, they ate plenty of the food provided and had a lot of tea. The tea was warm and refreshing as it slid down their parched throats. The ladies both ‘aaahed’ when the first sip of tea trickled down their throats. Then, they had another round of cruising, this time together. Helen continued to point out the various birds in the vicinity and Judith nodded each time her cruisemate did so. As the sun was setting over the shire, they decided to take a photo together, as a keepsake. As the day ended, they were all smiles and joy and we at Sunnyhaven are extremely happy that both ladies enjoyed their day at Audley very much.