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Park St’s Fun Weekend Activities

April was a fun and productive month for our lovely participants from Park St. Aside from celebrating Easter and Anzac Day, we also organised fun weekend activities for them to enjoy. 

On the 23rd of April, we invited the gentlemen of Park St for a bowling day. None of them was able to contain their excitement when they knew we were headed to Southgate Zone Bowling. They even started talking about their strategies and how they will score while we were on our way to the venue.

As soon as we arrived, they immediately chose their first ball and prepared for the game. Some of them even did some warm-up exercises to get ready. There were some struggles with hitting the pins at first, but at the end of the 10-pin game, Andrew won by 100 points!

After the game, we visited Bexley RSL where we had chicken fried rice for dinner. We then went on a scenic drive to Ramsgate Beach and stopped at Mcdonald’s Drive-thru at South Hurstville for soft-serve ice cream before heading back to the Sunnyhaven HQ. 

This day was enjoyable, and we’re delighted that our participants were able to have a relaxing time. Can’t wait for our next bowling adventure!