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Biggest Morning Tea at Sunnyhaven

Cooking is one of our participants’ favourite activities. They love our cooking sessions as they always enjoy helping out in the kitchen and learning how to cook new dishes. That’s why when they heard that Sunnyhaven is having an event with lots of food and refreshments, they cannot contain their excitement. 

On the 19th of May, Sunnyhaven hosted a tea event in line with the Cancer Council Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. This is a yearly community event developed to raise funds to help cancer patients in the country. 

On the morning of the event, our participants woke up early to start preparing in the kitchen. Some of them helped out with baking brownies, making honey joys and cooking snacks for the guests. The others also assisted in decorating the headquarters and arranging the tables and chairs.

It was a delight to see everyone giving their best to make the morning tea event a success. Just look at the smile on their faces while helping out in the kitchen. It makes our hearts melt.

Congratulations to our participants for the successful event! We’re looking forward to organising more events like this with you in the future!