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Brad at the Sharks Football Game

At Sunnyhaven, we believe that sports play an important role in connecting and bringing people together. This is why we always encourage our participants to play sports and attend sports events in our community. 

One of our participants who love sports is Brad. He’s a big football fan and regularly attends football matches. That’s why when we got tickets to the Sharks footy game, we invited him to attend. 

Brad was really excited as it’s been a while since he watched a game live. He even bought a new Sutherland Sharks-themed hoodie and cap to show his support to the whole team. 

When we arrived at the arena, he immediately brought his camera to capture memorable highlights of the game. He was also able to take photos with the mascot, cheerleaders and players. 

We’re so happy that Brad enjoyed the day out we organised for him. Seeing him smile and laugh makes our hearts jump for joy. 

We’re looking forward to watching more sports events with you in the future, Brad!