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Glenn, Harry and Greg’s Trip to Circular Quay

Glenn, Harry and Greg are fond of travelling. They love going on adventures and exploring different places. travelling leads them to new discoveries and inspires their imagination.

Last year, they weren’t able to travel as much because of the restrictions. That’s why on the 14th of May we surprised the boys by organising a trip to Circular Quay. 

Circular Quay is one of Sydney’s most important transport hubs. It’s the main ferry terminal in Sydney, making it easy to explore its most famous attractions. 

The boys were thrilled as they got to go on an adventure again. They visited the Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Our staff also packed some cookies and refreshments that they delightfully munched on during the trip. Before going back to Sunnyhaven, we took a few photos of them, a lovely souvenir to remember that wonderful day.