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Michelle’s Arts and Craft Activity

Doing arts and crafts is always a fun activity for our participants here at Sunnyhaven. These activities usually include painting, drawing, scrapbooking and colouring. Whenever we organise a craft afternoon, our participants are always enthusiastic and eager to join the activities

On the 16th of May, one of our lovely participants, Michelle went out with our staff, Kristine, to buy some art materials and to make some DIY glitter butterflies. Michelle was very happy to create new colourful artwork. After the activity, she immediately went to her bedroom to display the beautiful butterfly.

Seeing Michelle enjoying activities like this really makes us happy. We couldn’t be prouder each time she completes a project. We’re glad that through this, she was able to express herself and build her confidence.

Good job, Michelle! We’re looking forward to creating more beautiful artwork with you.