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Fun Cooking Activity

Cooking is one activity that our participants genuinely love. They get to create their own take on their favourite dishes, try new recipes and have fun in the kitchen. This activity also helps them learn and improve their skills. Following cooking directions and measuring ingredients increases their focus, helps them practise basic math concepts and improve language skills.

It’s been a while since we had a cooking class at Sunnyhaven. That’s why on the 9th of June, we decided to organise a fun cooking session with our participants. We asked them what they would like to cook that day, and we all agreed to make some fried bananas for our afternoon snack.

Before the class started, our staff explained the cooking process and the ingredients they need to create these sweet banana treats. Aside from teaching them the cooking process, we also discussed how to prepare ingredients and cook safely. We taught them how to properly use knives and other cooking tools.

Through cooking classes, our participants not only learn how to cook their favourite food, but they also get to practice independent skills, it drives their curiosity and gives them an opportunity to learn about healthy eating habits.