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Niki’s Fun Time at the Manhattan Superbowl

It’s no secret that bowling is a great pastime where we can share fun moments with our friends and family. Bowling might seem like a mindless game, but it’s not just about throwing the ball down the lane. It helps our participants improve their confidence, enhance their problem-solving skills and it teaches them how to be a good sport.

Niki, one of our lovely participants, really wanted to try bowling. So one weekend, we decided to surprise him by going to the Manhattan Superbowl in Mascot. He was very excited and immediately went to the arena to play. After practising for just a couple of minutes, he got his very first strike!

After bowling for a few rounds, we checked out the other arcade games in the venue. On our way back to Sunnyhaven, we took a lot of photos so we’ll always have wonderful memories of his remarkable experience.