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Art Day at Sunnyhaven

At Sunnyhaven, we make sure that our participants have the chance to express themselves creatively and boost their self-confidence. We believe that creativity exists in every single person. This is why we always arrange art activities they enjoy and will encourage them to become more imaginative.

On the 10th of June, we organised an exciting art day at the Sunnyhaven headquarters. We invited an art teacher to help us teach our participants how to create their very own clay mushrooms. We gave them paint, brushes, and other art materials to have the freedom to play with colours and come up with ideas that would bring their clay mushrooms to life.

After the activity, our participants proudly showcased their work one by one. They explained why they chose that particular design and shared how happy they were with their creations. We were delighted to see them participate actively during this art session. We can’t wait to see more of their beautiful artwork in the future.