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Heath Street’s Weekend Dinner

At Sunnyhaven, we love taking our participants out even if it’s just for a quick bite. It’s our way of encouraging them to relax, socialise with friends and take a break from their regular routine.

One weekend, we surprised the whole Heath Street crew with a nice dinner out at Bexley. They were really excited to go out, they even wore their favourite clothes just for this special night.

We arrived a little early so we strolled around the area before going to Bexley RSL Club. At the Palace Bistro, our participants decided to order their favourite dishes like fish and chips, steak, and pasta. They enjoyed the food so much, most of them even had some takeaway.

Afterwards, we took a short walk and went to McDonald’s to get some ice cream. Before going back to the Sunnyhaven headquarters, we took more photos as a remembrance and a simple way to cap off our lovely dinner out.