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Diane is going to Fiji


Diane Mchugh from Tavistock Road is going to Fiji on a holiday organised by Sunnyhaven. She really likes Fiji because it is a place where the oceans are clear and the skies are blue and serene. Diane has been talking not stop about it ever since Maree called her about it because who wouldn’t be excited for a trip to Fiji? Every day she mentions whom she is going with, basically she is telling everyone she meets. Everyone listens happily and wishes her well on the trip. She is so excited about the trip. We have a new song in the house “Diane is going to Fiji ” and she loves listening to that as everybody sings it. Diane is talking about her passport and the clothes she will be taking and her spending money. She has her trendy luggage bags in her room waiting to be filled with her new wardrobe for the trip. Her housemates are getting her Bon-Voyage cards that she frames up in her room. She is counting down the days to when she will be going to Fiji. She is having a going away party filled with good food and great friends. Diane is talking about a new hairdo for the trip. There is much excitement in the air at Tavistock Road at the moment.