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Craig’s Healthy Weight Loss Journey – Losing 30kg!

Craig Evans moved to Frederick Street in June 2019, Craig had made a number of unhealthy choices.

Craig also was on a crap machine due to his weight issues.

Prior moving into Frederick Street he attended different fitness classes with different personal trainers, trying to address his health, his weight being 118 kg. Craig
admitted “I used to eat a lot of junk, bags of chips, bottles of soft drinks and lots of takeaways.” Craig also smoked cigarettes from the age of 16.

Being a housemate at Frederick Street meant Craig had guidance, support and encouragement from the staff. A care plan tailored to suit the needs of Craig starting with
healthy meals and a lot less snacks!

Craig was also placed on a smoking minimisation program, he finally gave up smoking (which he mentioned was the hardest part), he was happy to save the money as well. Craig walks at least 45 minutes every day and works at IDF ve days a week. A time passed family, friends and work mates noticed Craig’s results.

From around 2006, Craig had to use a CPAP machine to assist with breathing at night. He recently had his specialist and doctors agree it was no longer required and they are thrilled with what has been achieved.

Craig’s most recent weigh in was 87.9 kg. Craig has lost an incredible 30 kgs! Congratulations Craig. We are all proud of your achievement with your health and weight loss

Our thanks to the team who assisted Craig to achieve his weight loss goals.