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A Remarkable Weight Loss Journey with Patricia

Due to Patricia’s declining health and her desire to lose weight, the team at Frederick street worked with Patricia to improve her food choices, exercise and improve her health.

Patricia commenced this path at 145k in 2018 and in 2020 Patricia reached her goal weight of 84Kg.

Patricia’s program consisted of a personal trainer once a week at the gym, being supervised in using the equipment correctly such as the walking, rowing machines, and free weights. After the gym, she would often go to the local swimming pool and walk up and down the pool for resistance walking.

At home, Patricia is encouraged to walk to the shops and to the local post box each day for exercise. The biggest impact for her weight loss was her replacement meals, particularly breakfast. However, the hardest challenge for Patricia was access to junk food, when she was in the community. As well as eating in between meals. Some days were easier than others for both Patricia and sta. Patricia said, “It was dicult, but I am so happy I did it”.

One of Patricia’s goals is to choose a healthy recipe for a meal/snack each week. Patricia shops for the ingredients and prepares it for her housemates. She is very proud of herself when she sees her housemates enjoying what she has cooked. She said, “I love cooking for my housemates”.

At each monthly weigh in it was exciting to see Patricia go down a few more kilos. Her face would light up and staff would again encourage her to keep going. Some staff were quite envious of the kilos being shed.

Our thanks to the team at Frederick street who supported Patricia and for the team leader Ann who continually encouraged Patricia to achieve her weight loss.