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Computer 101 with Patricia

Patricia Thompson is one of our participants from Frederick Street who loves learning new things. Since December, she started learning the basics of using a computer and exploring different apps on her new smartphone. Patricia is quite a quick learner and enjoys watching videos and playing games. 

In fact, she was very proud of herself when she was able to watch a short demonstration video featuring Santa and the elves just before Christmas. She also found an online game where she could style Santa’s clothes and hair. Just look at how happy she is in the picture. Priceless smile! 

Aside from watching videos and playing games, we also taught her how to top up her phone using her prepaid voucher and follow the voice prompts from the voice-activated operator. 

Learning about technology is really helpful for Patricia, especially during lockdown when we’re not allowed to go out. Using her smartphone and computer in the Sunnyhaven HQ keeps her entertained and relaxed. 

We are proud of you, Patricia! We can’t wait to see what other things you’ll learn this year.