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Meeting the Prime Minister

December 2021 was a memorable month for our participants here at Sunnyhaven. Aside from attending Christmas parties, some of them also had the chance to meet the country’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison!

On the 8th of December, one of our staff took Patricia and Richard for a day out. They went for a walk at the park and did some morning exercise. Afterwards, they decided to buy some snacks before heading back to the headquarters.

While strolling around the area, they happen to see the Prime Minister in one of the stores they visited! 

Both participants introduced themselves, and Patricia even made the Prime Minister laugh by saying, “Finally, you got to meet me.”

After the meeting, Patricia and Richard said they were embarrassed and scared. But we’re really proud of them as they were brave enough to say hi and introduce themselves. The two were delighted as they had a chance to take a photo with the Prime Minister that serves as a keepsake of this memorable day.