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Community Access

2. Community Access

Meet Bronwyn, our lovely participant who always enjoys attending Sunnyhaven’s day services at Penshurst. 

Before, Bronwyn was having a hard time doing day-to-day activities and chores. But with the support from her family and the help of our team here at Sunnyhaven, she has now become more independent.

Bronwyn has started doing some daily chores. Because she wants to contribute something to the Sunnyhaven community, she asked us if she could try to use the vacuum to help clean one of our common areas. After several tries, Bronwyn can now operate the vacuum on her own and she’s doing an excellent job at it! 

At Sunnyhaven, one of our primary goals is to help our participants improve their lifestyle and quality of life. And we are happy that we are witnessing this through Bronwyn who has taken significant steps in increasing her independent-living skills. 

We’re so proud of you, Bronwyn!