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Andrew Smith at 206 Frederick Street

4. Andrew Smith at 206 Frederick Street

We have opened a number of new accommodation options for people with disabilities. One particular house we’d like to share about is 206 Frederick Street where Andrew now resides with support staff.

Like many of our clients in our specialised housing accommodations, Andrew has staff assistance for all activities of his daily living. We provide Andrew with support so he can build on his strengths and improve on his confidence to take on daily tasks.

Since his move last February, we are very happy to see Andrew settle well at his new residence while slowly and consistently developing his independent living skills. Our staff has been teaching Andrew how to make his meals and complete his own personal care amongst other things. Every day, he impresses us as he learns new skills and gets better at them each time. 

Our Sunnyhaven team is excited to see more amazing improvements with Andrew in the coming months!