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Sunnyhaven In-House Art Program

Sunny Stories

This year, we have introduced an in-house art program for our participants to explore their hidden sunny talents. Using the common grounds as our canvas, we have been focusing on creating an inviting outdoor area where we can hold our events. This is also a place where our participants and their guests can relax, unwind and enjoy the fresh air.

The participants and Sunnyhaven staff have worked together in revamping the walls and fence line by creating a beautiful mural inspired by nature. They also repainted the toolboxes outside the yard area, transforming them into colourful works of art. 

Through our in-house art programs, our participants are not only able to harness their creative talents, but they are also able to have fun and build stronger bonds with each other. Seeing them participating actively and working together to complete a project really makes us happy. Great job, team!