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Weekend picnic at Penshurst Park


Sundays are always special for us here at Sunnyhaven. It’s the day of the week when we get to rest, unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Whenever we have time to go out, we always make sure to bring our participants to the nearby park to stroll and breathe some fresh air.

Last weekend, we invited our participants Sharyn Roast, Teresa Godsell, Chris Holloway, and Jennifer Childs to spend a day at Penshurst Park. The group took advantage of the perfect weather and had lunch in the park under the shade of a large tree. One of our staff also brought a speaker so they can listen to music while enjoying their lunch.

After eating, our participants took a walk around the park for some gentle exercise. Sharyn and Teresa had so much fun playing in the playground, while Jennifer and Chris enjoyed chasing pigeons wandering around.

Sunnyhaven is dedicated to the happiness and well-being of the lives of our clients, and we’re glad that the group enjoyed the mini day out we prepared for them. It was indeed a weekend well spent!