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Fun Day Out with Andrew Smith

Our participants love doing both outdoor and indoor activities. They’re always excited to go to the beach, visit a museum or play sports with their friends and the Sunnyhaven staff. 

Just last week, we took Andrew Smith for a fun day out at the Southgate Zone Bowling. It’s been a long time since Andrew went out to play bowling so he was really excited.

As soon as we arrived at the bowling alley, he immediately asked one of our staff to play with him and started to prepare for the game. Andrew was really focused so it’s no surprise that he got the highest score!

After the game, we brought him to the Cronulla beach to relax and have some snacks. Andrew bought his favourite cappuccino and chocolate muffin, which he enjoyed eating near the beach. 

It was indeed a very productive day and we’re delighted to see how happy he was. Seeing his face light up because of excitement gave us so much joy. We can’t wait to do more activities with Andrew soon!