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A Sunny Trip to the Seaside

Spending some time at the beach is a fun activity for our participants. It brings out their sunny side and allows them to unplug and recharge.

One of our participants who love this activity is Daniel. He enjoys going to the beach to breathe in some fresh ocean air, relax and unwind. Whenever asked where he would like to spend his day out, Daniel always says he wants to go to the beach.

So the Sunnyhaven staff decided to organise a short trip for him on the 24th of May. They drove to Garie Beaches Royal National Park, where he enjoyed strolling along the shore.

The water was calm that day, so he was able to unwind and reflect. He really loved walking on the soft sand and he enjoyed collecting shells and rocks. His laughter mixed with the splash of waves was a pleasant sound to hear.

This trip to the seaside is one for the books. We’ll definitely do this again soon.