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Princes St Crew’s Social Fun Time


Here at Sunnyhaven, we always organise different social activities that will help our participants relax and improve their social skills. We encourage them to go out, have fun and discover new things.

Although we didn’t get to spend more time outside like we used to, our residents from Princes St still enjoyed many outings and events this year. Check out the following to see what our participants have been up to during the last few months of 2020.

Beach Time
We can all agree that getting close to the beach is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s a great place where we can enjoy and hang out with our loved ones. No wonder why our residents always request to go to the seaside during their rest day.

One weekend, the Princes St crew visited the beach to refresh and relax. They happily strolled along the beach, picked up some seashells and shared childhood stories with each other. Hearing their laughter mixed with the sound of the waves was priceless.


Dance Party
Our residents also enjoyed a dance party organised by our staff last September. Everyone gathered at the event hall after lunch and started to practice their dance moves. Some of them even talked to the DJ and requested their favourite dance songs.

After an afternoon of grooving, they munched on some pizza, chips and cookies prepared by our team. We end the day by taking some photos that will remind us of this wonderful event.