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Paul’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Paul loves organising parties. Whenever there are special gatherings or occasions at the headquarters, he always makes sure to help in decorating, cooking food and preparing games.

That’s why when he celebrated his 40th birthday, we made sure that we had prepared something special for him.

Before his birthday, we secretly talked with the other participants about our activities for the upcoming party. We asked for their help in preparing Paul’s favourite food and decorating the dining area. We also invited some of his friends to join him during his special day.

The plan went very well and Paul was really surprised as he heard everyone singing happy birthday after entering the room. He was even more pleased to see his favourite food including tacos, chips and chocolate cake on the dining table.

After eating lunch, we went outside to listen to music and play some games. It was indeed a special day to remember. Happy birthday again, Paul!