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It’s Halloween time!

Aside from Christmas, Halloween is one of the most anticipated events here at Sunnyhaven. This is the time where our participants get to wear their favourite costumes, express their creativity and of course, enjoy some sweet treats. 

Although we couldn’t plan a huge celebration this year due to COVID restrictions, we still ensure that they have the opportunity to celebrate this special day. 

On the 28th of October, our participants woke up early to prepare for the celebration. Some of them brought their favourite superhero attire, while others dressed up as spooky characters from popular horror films. 

We started the event by playing some games such as musical chairs, egg and spoon race, and many more. After the activities, they munched on some delicious snacks prepared by the Sunnyhaven team. 

Before we end the program, we took a lot of photos that will serve as a keepsake of that beautiful day.