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We did it! Awards Success

Sunnyhaven entered the Local Business Awards, which acknowledges outstanding local businesses and their people who go above and beyond.

Sunnyhaven entered the Local Business Awards, which acknowledges outstanding local businesses and their people who go above and beyond.

It aims to develop and strengthen the bonds between businesses and the community thereby improving the standards of local businesses.

The Local Business Awards are based within the local community, and give local businesses the opportunity to; promote their business and its strengths, display their range of products and services, and provide in-store displays of their Local Business Awards success. This brings together businesses, the local community and Awards sponsors to celebrate excellence and quality.

The Local Business Awards is the most comprehensive business awards program covering a wide variety of industry categories. The categories in each region vary in order to recognise the industries in the specific business community. A selection of these categories includes Automotive Services, Bakery/Cake Shop, Café, Child Care Services and more. Sunnyhaven was in the Community Service Category.

With the votes of our supporters, we were able to make it through as a finalist. Finalists are selected based on the number of online and printed nominations being received in a specific category, with the most popular businesses selected.

Finalist businesses are notified of their selection by the Local Business Awards and we were extremely happy when we received a Finalist Pack – that includes an Invitation to the Local Business Awards Gala Presentation Evening, a certificate, the judging criteria and general information about the Awards. Our whole staff were so excited, it was a great honour.

The winners were announced at the prestigious Local Business Awards Gala Presentation Evening on the 23rd May. It was attended by local business people, sponsors, and dignitaries. The award presentation was held at Sharkies Cronulla and we are proud to announce that Sunnyhaven was awarded as the Winner for Outstanding Community Service Award! We are still in shock and blown away with this.

We are extremely grateful and honoured to have received such an award. Hearing “Sunnyhaven” and coming up to the stage receiving the award was an amazing feeling.

Two of our Sunnyhaven leaders accepted the award; Fiona Bailey, and Nazia Ahmed. They were very grateful to have the chance to receive the recognition on such a pleasant occasion.

Our community started with a small idea and has evolved into what it is today. This inspires our staff and leaders every day.  A lot of work has been done and challenges overcome on the way. The importance of our mission, striving to ease the lives of a large number of people was the most powerful stimulus and the driving force, leading to notable outcomes.

All of the successes would have been impossible without the coordinated work of our team & leaders.

Nothing was easy, but receiving this recognition made all the hard work pay off. This has driven us to continue with our ambition; our client’s journey is very important to us, and your passionate Sunnyhaven family will support you every step of the way.

We are very thankful for the local community and for the staff of Sunnyhaven. This brings so much pride in our work and it is a great feeling to be acknowledged and appreciated for the effort we put in. This award goes to all of us!