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As the new Chairperson of the Sunnyhaven Board I am delighted to be part of our new format newsletters.

As the new Chairperson of the Sunnyhaven Board I am delighted to be part of our new format newsletters.

Our clients are the reason for Sunnyhaven and the focus of all we do. They are supported by a wonderful and dedicated group of staff. So why do we need a Board too and what do they do??

Their key role is to govern the organisation and ensure all government regulations and standards are complied with by Sunnyhaven. We also set the governance policies and the strategic plan to guide the policies and directions and to oversee our financial viability.

Our objective is for Sunnyhaven to continue to help families and to be part of our client’s family when they are with us either in programs and or accommodation. WE aim to treat all with care and engagement. The Board recently agreed that as part of our motto, “we want to make the NDIS fit you rather than you fit the NDIS”  This is a challenge for all at Sunnyhaven with the changes we face as a consequence on the new NDIS system. One we are ready to meet!

We seek to improve the quality of life for all who are part of Sunnyhaven. To this end we have had some great initiatives in the amount of accommodation we offer In particular the brand new facilities at Heath Street Turrella which has beautiful up to date design and amenities   for all its resident. We expect to have the official opening very soon.

Sunnyhaven is a not for profit organisation and we are not driven by dollars instead over our long history Our volunteers on the Board lead the way with reinvesting in Sunnyhaven  we have always put any surplus back into new projects.

The Board and our leadership team really value ideas and suggestions and feedback from our families, on ways of improving what we do and we seek suggestions for new program and services. We want to see continued growth and improvement especially whilst we face the many challenges associated with the introduction of the NDIS.

I am very proud of the local awards we received last year and the high commendation for compliance with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) in our services.  I look forward to the support of all our families and the community during this year.

Maureen Horder